marketing & change consultancy: post-investment

Donr is an investor-backed tech company, creating digital giving tools for the UK’s charity sector. Within 2 years of launch, signup and engagement rates were steady but with room for improvement, so the leadership team needed help to create a more compelling marketing proposition and establish a user-driven design process to ensure ongoing product-market fit. The subsequent challenge was to develop a customer engagement strategy to increase the activity of new and existing platform users.

Specific challenges to be tackled included:

  • Uniting the management, product and sales teams behind a new brand strategy
  • Establishing a group of representative users for research and product testing
  • Creating a sustainable user-led design process to refine and improve user experience
  • Designing a personalised customer communications strategy to drive engagement

We chose a user-centric approach for the first challenge, inviting charities to help us create a new company mission, a focused product promise, and a set of detailed customer journey maps to inform product improvement.

This process has transformed the way in which the product is designed and managed, and has enabled more effective collaboration and communication between the product and sales teams, as there’s a shared understanding of goals, a common language, and a shared growth plan.

The product improvements driven by this project enabled a 515% increase in donation activity, without the need to increase customer support resources.

The next challenge was to improve customer engagement, in order to drive greater activity on the platform. We used detailed data reports to segment current customers based on activity levels, and developed a personalised email strategy centred around Hubspot. New content was designed, written and designed, including a new email onboarding journey, six unique email campaigns and a comprehensive Guide to Text Giving. The first quarter of activity has yielded a dramatic improvement on the previous quarter:

  • 400% increase in number of customer emails sent
  • 125% increase in CTR
  • 35% increase in open rate
  • 33% increase in new subscribers

Deeper API integration is now underway between Donr and Hubspot to enable a greater level of personalisation and to help us understand the impact of communications on how customers use the platform

“Di has been instrumental in shaping our focus to better manage our relationships with our charities. Working with our full team, she’s helped us develop our processes to identify opportunities and get to the heart of our clients’ issues, to ensure we deliver the right solution to them. As a result of this, we have seen a big increase in the number of charities using our services and their donation revenues increasing significantly.”

Chris Newell, co-founder, Donr

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