The super simple way to sell online!

Bolsover Network’s first-ever product spotted a clear gap in the e-commerce market: a tool to help individuals and small businesses to sell easily and cost-effectively online, with no listings charges, no commission and no need for design or technical skills.


The idea is simple: the product really is the super simple way to sell online. We just needed to clearly identify the key customer insights that would help us to craft the product and the marketing messages for maximum impact. In particular we needed to identify and overcome the barriers that currently prevent our target market from selling online.


The project was kick-started with a full team workshop to identify all possible markets for super simple shop, based on the developers’ initial group ‘hobbysists, crafts dealers and artists’. We identified key features of ideal buyers and used this to prioritise target groups, before identifying the key insights and motivations that we could use in the promotion of the product.

These insights underpinned the creation of a key message set that was applied to promotional materials, a marketing website and a sales pitch that was used as the basis for a pilot marketing campaign. Social media accounts were also created to enable the team to follow and get engaged in discussions and groups already appealing to our prioritised groups.


The tools above were used in a pilot marketing campaign which offered individuals a free three month trial of super simple shop. This campaign involved promotional teams at fairs and craft events; a direct approach of street teams to independent shops, and promotion to online sites and networks. The call to action was to fill in a short 5-point questionnaire in order to claim three free months and enter a prize draw to win a digital camera. The results of the questionnaire were used to refine our understanding of market insights and refresh the key messages accordingly. This more detailed knowledge was also used as a basis from which to revise the actual product design and ensure a clear and consistent user experience.

The pilot campaign helped to generate a potential client mailing list of over 100; a database of industry sites and networks and an initial group of test users.

Project Partners

The logo design was already in place, developed by¬†bopgun who also designed the marketing materials through the creative direction of Di Gates at Stick Theory. Throughout the project Di managed and mentored Bolsover Network’s marketing placement student who is now in a full time and managing relationships with sales and PR consultants introduced by Di.

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