Taste Club – for lovers of great north food & drink

When North East Food & Drink Group decided to develop a consumer offering, they engaged Stick Theory to help develop the model and core proposition.


The core idea behind Taste Club is to promote the people, products and places that make food and drink from the north of England something to celebrate. The focus is an online store that allows foodies to buy direct from local producers, and get early access to specialist events and experiences.


When it became clear that Taste Club would focus on an online store, the decision to create a shopify site was easy. Even easier was the decision to engage shopify expert Ryan Foster. Together Ryan and Di worked closely with Taste Club to develop a style and approach that is unique and engaging, and a commercial strategy to help them grow both their retail and consumer memberships.


Early marketing focused on the release of pop-up shops for Christmas and Mothers Day, and a linked competition to drive membership. The pop-up shops achieved 1000+ social shares and the Christmas products sold out way before the delivery deadline. From launch in March 2013, the full store achieved its first month of sales within the first week.

Project Partners

Site design and responsive development by Ryan Foster and photography by Chris Auld.

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