Reality Check for Innovative SMEs

TwentyEight Management, a strategic partner of Stick Theory, spotted the increasing focus on innovation within the UK’s SME market, and wanted to create a bespoke service based on the founding director’s ten year track record in global innovation.


Let’s create a service and delivery partnership to help SMEs achieve greater success through innovation – by bringing the real world into the equation as early as possible.


A name and visual identity were created for the service, with a key message set that was applied to a lightweight set of promotional materials and basic web page. This was all delivered in within 2 weeks under a budget of £1000.


A focused workshop identified the key market needs and failure points, and detailed the key features and benefits of the new service. This suggested a focus on bringing external perceptions into the internal innovation process, and led directly to the ‘Reality Check’ name.

A delivery team (including Stick Theory) was then assembled to ensure that the collective skill set was available to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality service. The specifics of the service were opened up for review and feedback from a sample of the target market, and this will be an ongoing process to ensure that Reality Check.

The service was formally launched at an SME innovation event and had its first three enquiries within a week.

Project Partners:

Brand name and key message set by Di at Stick Theory, design by Ian Sutton, web page by Ki-Media.

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