Playtime for data – launch of data visualisation products

Global software house Scott Logic used their years of data visualisation experience to launch a new product – a set of iOS controls for the interactive visualisation of large commercial data sets.


The central idea for the launch of this product was the creation of a strong visual brand with an emphasis on speed and agility; and the application of this onto a simple product webpage to drive users through understanding, to trial and purchase.


The brand came first: Shinobi – from the Japanese term for ninja – conveying the speed and power of the product, plus the ‘stealth-like’ nature of this power – as a set of components that sit behind the skills of the developer. To support the brand, a full logo set was developed with associated illustrations fitting across the individual sub-brands (charts, grids…). The website was developed around a clear call to action to trial, and an effective tour to demonstrate key functions and benefits; and a full suite of exhibition and marketing materials were developed for the product’s launch at Mobile World Congress 2012.


On the run up to launch, some tech blogs posts were created to stimulate interests, announcements were made to iOS user groups in the UK and US, and a landing page with product video helped to convert early interest into a database of 200 leads. The main product was launched at the Mobile World Congress, alongside a dedicated content campaign that sent launch releases to the tech and mobile sector. Sales started immediately post-launch and exceeded all sales targets.

The same process of brand refresh, and effective product site was then applied to Visiblox, and again an instant sales spike was achieved, leading to a higher level of sustained trials and conversions.

Project Partners

The creative direction and UX was led by Di Gates, with logo design by Simon Wilson, supporting illustration by Laura Bohill, and site design by Ryan Foster.

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