World Class Pathology!

With the NHS striving for world class commissioning and service delivery, the Pathology Department at Queen Elizabeth Hospital responded with significant investment in its team and equipment in order to develop a global reputation and enhance its commercial sustainability.


Let’s take a more commercial approach and invest in our brand. We want to be known as the best Pathology Team in the world, with a focus on life‐long care and world class facilities.


The first tool created was a strong visual identity with leading strapline: ‘World Class Care for Life’. This was applied to a range of ‘first impression’ tools including branded wallpaper within the reception area and contemporary departmental signage. A series of icons were also designed to identify the specific expertise within the department. A series of branded document and presentation templates were designed to reinforce the world class brand through the consistent style of all departmental communications and proposals.


These tools focused on first and ‘follow-up’ impressions. The next step is to review the full customer experience lifecycle to make sure that the department is consistently delivering its world-class promise to its main stakeholders, in particular patients of the Trust.

The new visual identity has not only strengthened unity across the department but has also received outstanding positive feedback from key stakeholders. This has helped secure the prominence and importance of the department within the Trust as it moves towards a period of significant change and increased competition.

Project Partners:

Concept and strapline by Di at Stick Theory, design by bgroup, production by The Bigger Scene.

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