CustomerSure – good for customers, great for business!

CustomerSure developed a simple but awesome customer service software tool to help small businesses improve their customer service. The challenge then was to take it to market.


Happy customers stay longer, spend more and tell more people, so a business investing in customer service soon gets its reward. This is the simple premise behind the product’s marketing, which was used to segment the SME marketplace to find ways to reach SMEs with a customer service mind-set; or segments where there was a regulatory drive to improve management of customer feedback.


The CustomerSure brand and ‘Listen. Improve. Succeed.’ strapline was already in place, and formed the basis for more focused benefit-led marketing messages to be applied to the website and initial set of printed marketing collateral. Social media accounts were established across twitter, facebook, linked in, slideshare, flickr and YouTube,  and a range of tools including white paper presentations, a feature comparison matrix, video case studies and screenshot demos are now under development. Optimizely is being used to help fine tune messages and increase conversion.


The above tools have underpinned an initial low-cost controlled launch campaign, which drove over 1000 targeted visitors to the site within the first few weeks. The early site usage statistics from this are being used to underpin A/B testing to improve conversion to trial, focusing particularly on the Plans & Pricing page. The second stage of marketing is now underway, extending targeted campaigns through AdWords and Linkedin, and delivering authentic brand stories across an initial set of verticles where there is a peak in need and where influence networks have been identified: for example – Private Dentists seeking compliance with new CQC guidelines; businesses seeking seamless feedback records for ISO9000 compliance; service sector businesses needing to differentiate on customer service; marketing and web consultants seeking to improve their clients’ customer experience and referral ratings. To ensure sustainable growth, Stick Theory guided the recruitment of a full-time marketing executive, and Di is now working alongside the CEO to provide strategic marketing support on the development of business partner networks and the extension of the product into new and overseas markets.

Project Partners

The logo design was already in place, developed by Drummond Central who also designed the marketing materials through the creative direction of Di Gates at Stick Theory. The web design and guidance on A/B testing has been led by a great associate of Stick Theory, Ryan Foster.

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