Once you’ve got some decent ideas, the right tools can help you create and manage awesome relationships with your customers.

Whether digital or printed, wordy or pretty, bold or stealth, Stick Theory can help you get the very best tools to bring your ideas to life:

  • Brand (yes, this is a tool and it’s essential to start thinking how you use it)
  • Key Proposition & Message Set (again, an odd one for a list of ‘tools’ but these are essential ‘pass it on’ tools)
  • User Experience Workshops (to get the right user flow through your products, sites and campaigns)
  • Websites and web apps (from sweet and simple to complex interaction)
  • Social Media Plan (from twitter to facebook, to linked-in and beyond)
  • Printed Materials (creative, informative, tiny or huge)
  • Content & Split-testing Tools such as Optimizely
  • Co-creation Tools (to involve your customers in your product and service design)
  • Analytics (to measure how your marketing is going, and enabling constant improvement)

If you’re looking for new tools to help you connect better with customers, Stick Theory is always looking for new challenges, why not try us out?

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