If you really want to connect with your customers, you’ve got to create ideas they’ll find relevant and engaging.

This is where Stick Theory can help. We have a number of tools to help you develop insight-driven ideas that can drive your business and communications forward in ways you may otherwise never consider.

Creative Quickie

Half-day or full-day workshop with upto 15 people. We’ll start by defining the gaps, challenges or goals you face, and will then generate corresponding ideas through exploring such areas as customer insights and industry parallels.

Creative Collaboration Bootcamp

Single day or 2-3 day bootcamps, with creative designers, developers, product designers and other necessary creatives. These sessions will shift your idea from head to paper, or from paper to prototype depending on the nature of the concept.

Crowdsourced Solutions

If you’ve got an idea and you’d like to open this up for different individuals or agencies to respond to, we can help spread this opportunity to the right networks and manage responses to ensure the most effective outcome.

If you want to mix and match any of these elements or you have a specific idea that you’d like to chat about, that’s fine too – just ask!

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