If an idea is interesting enough, and it’s delivered in the right way to the right people, the chances are it will connect, and they’ll pass it on.

This is what Stick Theory is all about. It’s a place where I work with an amazing network of talented and experienced partners to develop ideas, tools and tactics to help you connect better with the people that matter to your business.

I (Di Gates) founded Stick Theory after selling my half of a fast-growing creative agency in the North of England, where I’d been creative director since 2001.

Through Stick Theory I’ve tried to take all that’s good about agency life, and mix this up with all that’s great about creative collaboration, freelancing and crowdsourcing. The result is a new type of consultancy that can create awesome teams to rise to just about any marketing and innovation challenge. The flexible business model means I can do this creatively and cost-effectively, with results often delivered quicker and, to be frank, with more fun for everyone involved.

My partners are therefore an invaluable part of the Stick Theory experience. They include researchers, designers, developers, social media experts, innovation managers, copywriters, evaluators and creative individuals who don’t really have such neat titles. This network is growing all the time bringing fresh ideas, cutting-edge technologies and an incredible diversity of skills and experiences that all Stick Theory clients get to enjoy.

So what does all this mean? Well, if you’re a funded start-up looking for early traction or scale, or you’re an established business looking for a more creative and agile way to deliver your marketing and communications, we’d like to think we can help. It would be great to hear from you.

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